authorized_keys and command=

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Trying to use the command="" keyword in OpenSSH 3.4p1 (Debian woody)
and having a small issue.

    -----     /\/\/\/\/\      -----
   |  A  |---< Internet >----|  B  |
    -----     \/\/\/\/\/      -----

I can't get to B directly, so I'm creating a tunnel from B to A so I
can log into B.

  B:~$ ssh -R 10000:localhost:22 vpn@A

On A, I can now connect to port 10,000 and reach sshd(8) on B.

To increase security a bit I have a special user ("vpn") setup on A
that allows public-key logins, but has a disabled password. To keep
the connection going, I have the vmstat(8) command running (to
minimize issues with connections timing out).

My A:~vpn/.ssh/authorized_keys looks like this:

command="vmstat 3 > /dev/null" ssh-dss AAAAB3Nzaakdghkas ... Vw== user@B

When I kill the login on B (with a ^C), the vmstat is still running
on A. However, if I get rid of the redirection to /dev/null and ^C
the connection then the vmstat dies.

How is the /dev/null redirection changing the behaviour of the shell
on A?

(It's not a big deal for me to get rid of it, I just want to
understand what's occuring.)

Thanks for any info.

David Magda <dmagda at>, /
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Re: authorized_keys and command=

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Hm, I don't see how a command that has its output redirected to
/dev/null helps with "keep the connection going", anymore than (e.g.)
sleep 999999999 or the -N option of ssh (OpenSSH).

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The vmstat isn't killed "directly" by the ^C in either case - that just
kills your local ssh process => the connection is closed. When the non-
/dev/null'ed vmstat tries to write to the now closed connection, it gets

--Per Hedeland

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