Anyone got the SSH Session Loging patch to work under AIX 5.2?

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    Has anyone got the SSH session logging patch located at

Working on AIX?  I've tried it on an AIX 5.2 systems without success.
Any help would be appreciated. Alternatives would also be welcome.

Why would I do this you ask? I'm interested in something that would log
the entire SSH session (input/output) for PCI (credit Card) compliance.
There is a section of the PCI standard which mentions tracking all
commands and their success/failure for users etc. So just having a korn
shell history isn't actually enough as it doesn't have any information
on success/failure (in general).


Jonathan Kaufman

BTW I've tried with 4.2p1, and 4.3p2 releases compiled from Source using
xlC v8.0

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