AllowGroups on SSH.COM Tectia 4.04 / W2K ignored

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I want to allow only users in Active Directory group "sshusers" to logon to
my (evaluation) Tectia 4.0.4-server (on W2k-member server)
So I put these entries in sshd2_config

## User restrictions
        AllowGroups                     sshusers
#         DenyGroups riUSEpdi
#        AllowUsers
#        DenyUsers

Doesn't work, any user can logon, no matter whether in group "sshusers" or
not - entries appear to be ignored by Tectia-server

When I list users in AllowUsers, only users on the list can log on, so this
is understood by Tectia-server.

But I want to control access by membership of group "sshusers", so please
tell me what am I doing wrong here ?

Thanks and best regards

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