about plink, putty and terminal issues

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Hi, i see the comments about why PLINK doesnt have terminal options, i
dont want to fight with the developers this issue. BUT i need some tool

The context i: i use a Windows text editor for compiling, linking, etc
Informix 4gl programs, al throug several command lines using plink to
make a ssh and run a comand, then getting the output, the thing with
the debugger is i need throug command line, start the debugger for the
file im compiling in a terminal, do some interaction with debugger, and
when it finish return to the editor.

With PLINK i can do this BUT the debugger uses several control
characters and the terminal is a mess.

With PUTTY i CAN'T automatize this in a command line.

There is any solution for my problem ?

Thanks !

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