A weird poblem with putty.

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I have a weird problem with putty.

I have used putty to connect to my server. Now suddenly I can not
connect anymore.

My server provider has many servers, and I can connect normally to all
of them, but this one. I can also connect with putty to any other
server, I've tried. Only this one is not working.

This problem comes only, when I use my ADSL connection. When I connect
trough my 3g phone, on the same laptop, I can connect to server. Same
thing with my another computer. (connected trough the same modem)

When I open the putty .. and type the server address, I only get the
black screen .. and putty iddles for a while. I dont get the login
sign. Then a popup shows:

"Putty Fatal error. Server unexpectedly closed network connection."

I asked my internet connection provider, and they said .. that the
problem is not with the connection. I asked my servers technical
support, and they told me the same.

I have a normal firewall on my modem, advanced firefall is off. I dont
use firewall software on my computer.

I deleted all the keys from the register. I also did the "putty
-cleanup". Nothing helps.

If anyone has an idea.. please share it.

thank you


Re: A weird poblem with putty.

eetu@sivuprojekti.com writes:

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If you don't have the latest putty get it.

Then if the problem still exists, try keyboard interactive
authentication vs password.

If it still exists, download cygwin  (cygwin.com) and try ssh via
commandline there to isolate a putty problem vs a network problem.

ssh -vv hostname

and post the output

Todd H.
http://www.toddh.net /

Re: A weird poblem with putty.

On Fri, 01 Sep 2006 13:20:58 -0700, eetu wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Perhaps your putty session settings for this particular server have been
altered inadvertantly.  Try adding a new session, double checking all of
the settings...  You might load one of the sessions which works to the
other servers, alter the IP address only and save it as 'test'.

Otherwise it is an odd one and I would start troubleshooting by ask myself
what changed or was installed/uninstalled (PC or server) when it stopped


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