2-machines path tunnel for scp or sftp

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I have an account on a machine which is behind a gateway and I have a
account on this gateway, so it is easy to connect this gateway and then
the machine with ssh.
I would like to do a similar thing with sftp or scp to fetch some files,
do I can since sftp don't give the ability (to my knowledge) to tunnel
with a 2-machine path.

In fact I would like to do something like :
scp user@machine(via)user@gateway:/home/user/files .

I currently have to copy the files from machine to gateway and then from
gateway to my home.

Thanks a lot.

Arnaud Casteigts

Re: 2-machines path tunnel for scp or sftp

Arnaud Casteigts wrote:
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I had search in the newsgroup before asking and didn't find the same
question... I just saw that now, so forget this, I'm sorry and will try
the way explain in the thread : Using scp to copy through a "middle man".

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