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I'm green to video files so I wasn't surprised when the email I sent
with an MP4 attachment spun around in my outbasket then generated a
message that the file was too long. So... I guess I have to get
involved with compressing files. I have no compression software. I see
that Winzip14 costs 50 bucks but Coffee Cup is free. Comeon. What
gives here. There's got to be something I can't see. Is Coffee Cup a
safe program to use? Does anyone who has had a lot of experience
sending compressed files have a suggestion of a program to buy? I'd
like to have it on a CD 'cause I'm going to reformat this XP shortly.

Re: Zip Programs

jaygreg wrote:
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If you are trying to email a file which is too big for email, the answer
isn't to compress the file to make it smaller so that it will fit thru'
one bottleneck just to encounter another bottleneck somewhere else along
the mail pipeline process.

It means that you are trying to use email for the wrong purpose.  Email
is for small attachments, not large ones.

You should use some other method to transfer a large file, such as a
file transfer service.

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There are a lot of good reasons to have compression/decompression
software.  Popular freewares are IZarc, Iceows, and 7zip.

It looks like coffee cup is designed to try to email a compressed file,
which is not how I think you should use your compression program.

Mike Easter

Zip Programs

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Correct.  Also, video is already highly compressed: running it through
a compressor again may result in a larger result; in any event, it
won't get much smaller.


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