Wizard Exposes Carrier IQ

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Carrier IQ as a platform is designed to collect "metrics" at any
scale. What I found it to hook into is far beyond the scope of
anything a carrier needs - or should want - to be collecting.

Carrier IQ sits in the middle of, and "checks" the data of, SMS and
MMS messages. It listens for and receives every battery change
notifications. It hooks into every web page you view, and every XML
file your device reads. It receives every press of the touch screen.

It 'sees' what you type on the physical keyboard. It reads every
number you press in the dialer. It can track which applications you
use, what 'type' they are, how often, and for how long. It hooks into
data sent and received.

I'm not calling Norelli nix anymore I can tell you that ;)
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