Wireless Network, And Bluetooth Interference With Cell Phones, And Cordless Phones

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Interesting scenerio.

I have been reading a number of articles bringing up problems with cell
phones, various wireless devices, and cordless phones.

With the advent of the popularity of wireless networks, there is starting to
be an interference problem with cellular phones, and the 2.4 gHz cordless
phones, clashing with wireless networks. There are also other wireless
devices that are effected.

If you are buying a cordless phone, and live in an area where there may be
wireless networks, and Bluetooth users, it is advisable to seriously
consider a 5.8 gHz phone. These are more expensive, but are worth it, to not
have reception problems.

Many of the wireless systems, for computers, and industrial systems are
working in a number of bands that are shared. These are in the approximate
range of 320 ~ 380 mHz, 520 ~ 620 mHz, 800 ~ 900 mHz, and 1.2 ~ 2.5 gHz.
These frequencies are approximate, and can vary in different parts of the
world, according to their approved allocation. Over the last few years, the
5 ~ 6 gHz bands have been opening up. If you contact your local
communications authorities, you can find out the exact allocated frequency
bands for your area.



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