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Can someone help?  I'm running XP home SP2 and when I try to access
Windows Firewall, I get the following message:

Due to an unidentified problem, Windows cannot display Windows
Firewall settings.

I've been running SP2 for quite some time.  At one time I was able to
check my firewall settings, but don't know how long it's not been


Re: windows firewall

found this; use at your discretion

jst2swt4 wrote:
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Re: windows firewall

Thank you very much Fred.... worked like a charm!!!!!!!!!!!


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Re: windows firewall

I rec'd MSN dial-up news this week about free downloads of McAfee
anti-virus and McAfee personal firewall for dial-up subscribers.
I installed the firewall and I love it. I control what dials out and
what dials in. It logs the incoming attempts and I can ban the IP's.
I've already banned several chinese attempts and misc others.


Re: windows firewall

Joseph wrote:
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Are your twisting dialing and connections?

BTW, you cannot control outgoing connections reliably, only for those
programs who are so friendly to be controlled (so there's obviously no
need to do so). Malware simply circumvents or (if you're running with
admin rights) terminates your personal "firewall".

And McAfee stuff offers wonderful insecurities with ActiveX stuff.

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That's a good way to shoot yourself in the food.
man IP-Spoofing

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LOL. I'd suggest to say you're either unable or stupid to simply ignore
noisy traffic.

Re: windows firewall

On Sat, 22 Apr 2006 13:22:51 +0200, Sebastian Gottschalk

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I shot myself in the food once.  I'll never do that again.

Re: windows firewall (Seppi)

Thank you for the information you gave me, even though you didn't mean
Having only had a computer for less than 4 months I have a lot to learn,
and the tone of your comments are not the best way to learn anything.

This is supposed to be a discussion group on security issues.

By the way, have you seen the McAfee personal plus firewall in action?
I'm sure there are some who would appreciate your learned opinion.


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