will it log my IP

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If I use a ping command to visit a remote server, or if I use Nmap, Lanspy
etc. to look at a remote server, will my IP be logged on that server ?


Re: will it log my IP

It all depends.

In most cases ping won't, as ICMP requests like ping usually are not logged to a
machine, unless the admin is paranoid and set up logging software to log those

Nmap will probably get logged by most firewalls at most sites as an attempt to
port scan or flood the machine.  There are ways one can use to try and mask the
source with nmap.

In general there are ways to mask and spoof IP addresses and hide locations.
Read up and don't do anything illegal.

Stamitz wrote:
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Re: will it log my IP

Stamitz wrote:

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It's entirely possible, so you have to assume it will be. In fact I'd say
it's likely, but whether or not it will be noticed depends on how much
activity you generate in their logs over what period of time, and how busy
the server is normally. An occasional ping sent to one of Google's servers
would be like a rain drop in an ocean. Probably not even logged. A port
scan of a machine on some obscure server would almost certainly be seen by
a human and investigated.

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