Will ijango survive launch?

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It all just seems like a really bad idea. The smarmiest and most
weaselly of business types launching an online business in Vegas in
the middle of DefCon.  What could possibly go wrong?

So a friend tells me he's signed up as a distributor of this new
iJango outfit, and asks my technical opinion of it.  The video is

            http://www.ijango.biz /

and ... lol... they're launching in Vegas this Saturday, and anyone
register you can attend.  This ijango business is attempting create a
multi-level marketing scheme that taps google-like revenue, and the
video makes surreal claims that this is going to be a huge game
changer.   There's a demo of the site apparently on youtube

and it looks like a decent
enough site, but... MLM?  Really?   Doesn't pass the gag test.

Anyway, the security angle on this: I wonder if they know DefCon is
also in Vegas during their launch, and is filled with folks who might
have a certain reaction to a company touted by a guy like that in the
video who is pitching to folks while stepping out of a Mazzerati
parked in a no parking zone.  Given that a company that aim to "MLM
Google" can't seem to manage a google on "ijango" terribly well, I'm
predicting some antics.  

Is there a Vegas line on that site surviving the launch event?    

Anyone else heard anything about this site/business?

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