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I frequently visit a camping site. That (commercial) camping site does offer
a paid wi-fi connection. I do have to pay an amount of money, I get a
username and a password and so I can enter the internet for 15 minutes. Now,
I have seen with Network Stumbler that the Wi-fi connection is not secured
with WEP, WPA etc. If I use my laptop and to to the internet, I
automatically see the login page of the camping site (I suppose this is a
setting in the firewall of the camping site ?).

Is it possible to "crack" this, so I can go to the internet without paying ?
Is there some documentation ?


Re: Wi-fi question

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oke, I suppose I'm in the wrong discussion group. I visited this group to
learn things, but if get this kind of replies I will go to another
discussion group.


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Stamitz wrote:

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You DID learn something whether you care to accept it or not. Don't be a
thief. You'll be happier, and a better person for it.

Here's another free lesson:

Even most "hacker" groups will tell you the same thing, and the ones that
don't will laugh at you for being a clueless newbie who couldn't even be
bothered with a basic Google before offering themselves up as the next
contender for the title of Village Idiot.

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No problem. You're more than welcome. :)

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On Thu, 2006-06-01 at 22:01 +0200, Stamitz wrote:
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You post in a public forum and ask how cheat a system or get something
for free, you were expecting help? Please.....

Re: Wi-fi question

Borked Pseudo Mailed wrote:
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You're too kind .... this person is an asshole ....

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I don't normally reply to this type of post but I felt I just had to
this time.

You have had some replies from various people in this group and as one
poster has explained, you DID learn something.

If someone did help you crack the system then they would be aiding and
abetting a crime.

Theft is a crime in most parts of the world!

The camp site have paid a lot of money to provide a service for its
customers and all you want to do is abuse it.

You should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself.

People like you stop decent, honest people (not you in this case) having
access to a service that is useful to them.

If you need the Internet so much stay at home.

BTW have you tapered into next doors WiFi connection too?


Re: Wi-fi question

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Access control is being controlled at the router via DNS, etc.  That
issue is completely unrelated to WEP and WPA which secure the actual
wireless connection to the access point.  Paid access points by their
nature don't want to make it hard for you to connect to them, but they
do want to make sure you can't get out to the internet unless you
pay.  So they block things from the routing perspective.

Todd H.
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