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I need some encryption software to do file, folder and hard
drive encryption, with tools like TrueCrypt I can create only
encrypted drives, but I want to encrypt single files and folders
too, I have found some cool software at:


But it's for 20$! Is there any freeware or open source replacement?

Best regards
John Wilson JohnWilson1960@gmail.com

Re: Whole drive crypt?

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Plenty, and open source software is in fact, what I recommend using for
security purposes.  What is your intended application?


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Re: Whole drive crypt?

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Happily this is a relatively simple question with a fairly well
constrained popular answer:  

http://www.truecrypt.org /

Todd H.
http://www.toddh.net /

Re: Whole drive =?UTF-8?B?Y3J5cHQ/?=

John Wilson wrote:

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Your subject says you want to encrypt the entire drive.  Then your body
says that you don't (and instead want to encrypt just folders and
files).  Which do you want to do?

Truecrypt can encrypt an entire partition (drive) or you can create a
encrypted container in which you save your folders and files (and the
container mounts as a drive).

If you want your folders and files encrypted without using a drive
letter then start reading the help including in Windows, especially on
exporting the cert, on how to EFS (encrypted file system).  It runs as
an extensible file system within Windows XP Pro (just like the CDFS runs
as an extensible file system for CD drives).  Once you use EFS on a file
or folder then only you can read those files and folders once you login
under your Windows account.  If you share your Windows account, you
chose to share everything else, too.

You mentioned Truecrypt so my guess is you are using Windows but you
never bothered to mention WHICH version of Windows.  Windows XP Pro
includes EFS.  Windows XP Home Edition does not.  However, TrueCrypt
supports Mac OS/X and Linux so maybe that's what you are using.  

Re: Whole drive =?UTF-8?B?Y3J5cHQ/?=

On Sun, 16 Nov 2008 21:46:44 +0100, John Wilson wrote:

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A poor use of encryption.

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