What is Intel AMT?, Backdoor? DRM?

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I'm going to find out exactly what AMT is, soon. But Intel has been very
secretive. They said they would release the specifications last year,
Then they pulled back the release of public technical specifications.
So, The question is, has anybody outside of Jones farm seen the PRM or
HRM for this alleged DRM / backdoor tech?
Jim D.

Re: What is Intel AMT?, Backdoor? DRM?

davis wrote:

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I do not know. I tried googling but nothing relevent came up. If you find
out, please post it!!!


Re: What is Intel AMT?, Backdoor? DRM?

Imhotep wrote:
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http://www.intel.com/technology/manage/iamt /



Take a look at Intels DRM solution for Apple on Intel platforms using
the Infinion 1.1 chip.  Essentially as I understand it, it allows out of
band communications to take place and shutdown the system if DRM content
is being abused by someones definition.  I understand this inter play
with other hardware DRM requirements for Windows Vista we read about

As I understand it, someone correct me if I am missing something the
signal that is out of band (noise) is filtered off by the Infinion chip
from the signal stream.  If the hardware is not present to filter the
data stream the noise content makes the data stream unusable.  Because
of this, systems where the hardware is not present, may via software
adjust the data stream to make the content playable, or at the vendors
discretion not allow the content to be played without the noise at all.
  It "may" even shut down the system when the system detects a purloined

Additionally this noise is phased with digital signal in such a way that
if the content is copied the signal phase gets shifted making the copied
  media unusable.  This means the signal will need to be intercepted at
the final destination (at the monitor screen and speakers for example
then re-recorded to swipe (steal) the desired signals.  Building
hardware with mods required to do this commercially I believe would be
illegal in the States for sale due to the DCMA law, which will make this
hardware difficult to obtain outside of a few countries which the law
would allow this mod to be produced locally and sold locally.  It is not
an easy task, and would probably reduce illegal copying significantly.
Publishing how to do the mod might also be considered illegal in the US
as well as a number of other countries.  This will change the method
used to copy, but I do not believe it will stop the copying of
content...I guess I'll have to take wait and see attitude.

I am still learning how this may work and have some to go before I
understand how this works.

Please understand I don't do illegal copying however I like to
understand what makes things tick.  My concern is how this will impact
alternative operating systems and platforms.  Apple is on board
obviously as I suspect all the major OS players will be however what
this does to Open source software is an extreme concern and may be a
death toll for these systems if they can not utilize the new hardware
effectively without breaking someones operational copyright.


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