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Hi people,

Does anyone have any good links to vulnerabilities in encryption algorithms?
From my preliminary research, cracking encryption seems pretty unlikely with
the use of a standard computer.  Another question is the issue of gaining
unauthorised access, once again, to a computer through whatever means
possible ie. vulnerabilities, trojans etc..  If anyone has any great links
it would be greatly appreciated.   I am a Computer Science Student that has
to write an essay about "Ilegally" accessing encrypted data and was
wandering what people think.



Re: Vulnerabilities

Jon wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Actually usually has the latest on known
vulnerabilities on software.  Often they have working exploits that can
be examined.

Tools that exploit those vulnerabilities move around a bit but you can
usually google for them.  Of course note that downloading/using those
tools may put you at more risk than those you wish to exploit, I mean a
hacked computer is a hacked computer right?  Typically the best current
working tools are kept in close hold communities.  The best tools are
those you write yourself, then you know what you got.

The crypto newsgroup probably has the best information on cryptographic
tools, though if someone is employing best practices it is probably best
to own the remote box and get the keys or wait for the keys to be
delivered on demand depending on implementation.  Physical access to the
device is usually the easiest to accomplish.  Often this may be
accompanied by incarceration when caught.


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