VPN question

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Could someone help out on this. I'm trying to connect to a VPN. My PC is
win98se with DUN 1.4 installed.  The remote server accepts my user name
and password. But the connection fails. The log shows:

"MPPE required but peer negotiation failed".

I've done some digging around and the best I could find, so far was (for
a linux machine)"your pppd is refusing to accept MPPE encryption. The
PPTP Server requires MPPE, and so it terminates the connection. Solution
- make sure the MPPE module loads".

Anyway, I'm on win98se so the solution does not apply. I've tried
various settings in the Security tab of Dial-up Networking, and various
settings in the connection, but no luck. ALWAYS get the same error log
of "MPPE required..."

Anyone with real knowledge of this, if they could help out, would be
much appreciated.

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