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I have read in "Visual Cryptography", how an image can be reconstructed
"visually" by superimposing two shares. But I have not understood how
this can help in authenticating a user?

Are there any practical implementations of this technique? If so, how do
they deal with the probelm of sending the image across the wire, securely?

Can someone explain this.

Thanks in advance.


Re: Visual Cryptography

Yeah there is a very good electronic voting machine that implements
visual cryptography....
see PDF:

This doesn't actually authenticate the user but it shows a good
implementation... this is secure because even if you send the image
across the wire it is only half of of the image. you need the other
half to understand it.

look into xor encryption for more information on the security of that..
it's basically just a visual xor encryption

Re: Visual Cryptography

Quoted text here. Click to load it

It authenticates the user as "the person who has the other part of the

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