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Re: Using hotel computer?

Thanks, John,

I enjoyed reading it again.
I hadn't seen it for a long time.

Best wishes,


Re: Using hotel computer?

Sorry, everyone, I regret that I got
so far off-topic.  So, let me add a few more
thoughts, and then maybe we should branch
out into new threads: Hotel Security stays
here.  And, "why Jesus wept" belongs somewhere

OK. FInish up.    I wept too when I read it again.
Some teachers are so misunderstood in their
own times.  I don't really know whether or not
he rose from the dead; that is a religous  belief
and not a scientific opinion.  We all have *freedom*
of religion, at least in the United States, so far,
pending some stuff going on in Washington right now.
I think there should be separation of Church & State.
And also, I think we should stick with Constitutional
intentions when it comes to separation of Exec & Judicial.

Scientists have to stick with the facts.  Off-topic again:
One more opinion:  Some people think he rose from
the dead, while others may have doubts.  BUT, I think
all would agree that his teachings were so profoundly
true, that they have greatly infuenced world history.
Often for Good; but sometimes for Evil.  Just think of
the Roman Catholic Church and its abuses during the
Inquisition.  Remember when they almost burned

Look at Pat Robertson today, sending
curses to us in our own country.  I think he said that
God struck us at 9.11; because we people here in
New York are *so bad* that God decided to kill some
of us!  Hmm...  Did he say anthying about Katrina?
If he did, it was probably another curse, because God
didn't like the poor people, who never got much of a
chance.  Hello.  Was this Jesus speaking?

I really don't understand why our country has such
infinite patience with lunatics.  But, we do have Freedom
of Speech; and I approve of that.

So I can go on these RANTS, without
Bush putting me in jail.



Re: Using hotel computer?

The Cheshire Cat appeared at Universty
To teach a required course n his story
  They'd jerked him off his lab job
  And put him in charge of cmte cob
To plan curriculum in remedial ABCssyy

At first, the poet-ANON just refused
And said that he just couldn't do it.
   But when they tore up his letter of tenure
   And offered him some time to reconsidre
He decided 'twas best to negotiate, please.

He said he'd teach two courses in English
One Hundred, and Seven hundred and 8
   100 would be given with clues
   In 708 he would just pose the question
And sit back and wait, to see if the kids were fake.

He knew, of course, that they could still cheat
If a pal in frat still had notes from Eng 100
   He'd teach 708 in the summer
   When, outside he could sit in a tree
And with only a few questions, he could decide

Pass, Fail, or Honors, for each one of his students.

For English 100 there were few prerequisites
They had to agree to turn off i-Pod and TV
   And listen and try to think.
   It was also highly recommended
   That they'd been to a real Sunday School
   Where upstairs they'd learned the Golden RULE
   And gotten Sex Education in the basement.
(Back then, the last course couldn't be taught
in Real School, where SexEd & condoms were prohibited).
   They had learned where they could buy one
   From the 7/11 store, or a machine in the bathroom
   They also learned where they could get some booze
   For an evening ride in the car, with no particular place to go

So, here is the final exam:

Did the Queen of Morocco have a plan?
About how to end Bush's war?
   When he visited her country
   And she started with M Lewinsky
And finished it off with a snappin' turtle.
   To bring peace to the West, and Islam

What follows is the recommended reading

General: a working knowledge of alt.jokes.limericks
   newsgroup for the last 10 days

Specific: I'm sorry, but I don't have time to give
   you any more clues, but, to understand "ride in
   the car", you will have to revisit early records by
   Chuck Berry
Bottom line: Teachers really do weep now and then

Re: Using hotel computer?

Change the passwords every two days or so, and empty the cache and
history after your done. Lot's of good advise here from the other
posters as well.

Re: Using hotel computer?

After my original post about a very important question (Hotel Security)
I've gotten some inquiries
About what OS I use.


One of my best friends Rick Berenstein has died
But, when he was still alive, he really tried
To put out the stink of Windows ME

I thought he had a good idea
To pick up what Corel left behind
  Some 40+ programmers in Canada
  Who had develped an early desk Linux
That Corel had decided to sell out.

And, he saw some more opportunity
Win Emulator was DEAD             (the original project WINE)
And a fine boot-loader    (I forget exactly, but probably under GNU)
And a fine programmer named Poon
CodeWeavers went to Rick's HEAD
And the whole thing could be bought for a SOONG!

He'd decided to start LGP Xandros

But, Rick badly needed MO-NEY !
I invested as much as I could
And, I swear, I've never seen a PEN_NEY !

I went to a Linux Expo once
In San Francisco
And I briefly met
The guy who became President.

But, there's no Board of Trustees
It's not even a traded Company
And they don't answer my letters
To Investor Relations
So I don't have a clue what's Li-Next

But, I can tell you one thing
I've tried it myself, version 3
They were almost giving it away
Stuck to the back of a book
At my local Barnes/Noble store
For $19.95, in a book named Linux EZ

It installed on an IBM-T21, unexpectly EZ
So, I did a hard reformat
To get rid of Windows forever
And, I re-installed version 3

Verizon was not very helpful, until I threatened to quit.
Then, they bumped me up to Tech Level 3 - I was connected
In less than 3  minutes.

I've finally left Bill Gates behind
All spyware, malware, viruses, that's IT
My $$$ investment may have turn'd to Sh*t
But, I swear it was worth it.
In memory of my dear friend Rick
I doubt I will ever leave Xandros.



Re: Using hotel computer?

dave wrote:
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One question... Do you *really* attend Columbia?


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