US cyber security 'almost out of control'

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Not a bad article...


Re: US cyber security 'almost out of control'

The bottom line, expressed in the article, is that it will take a
massive problem/attack to turn the public's attention to this issue and
get them to support increased funding for the private sector to improve

While probably true, it seems silly that (a) the public needs to react
to a massive problem before (b) their elected representatives recognize
the fundamental issues and (c) start to prepare legislation or budget
requests that will investigate the problem and, maybe, finally (d) act
to enable the private sector to perform the necessary improvements.

So we get whacked in a big way, and maybe our representatives make
their recommendations and appropriate funds within ... what do you
think ... 2 years or so? Barring fund-raising for re-election? It's
been 4 years since 9/11. So maybe it'll be 4 more years or so before
anything of substance is done.

IMHO, our representatives need to get off the pork barrel and allocate
funds for the required R&D (and maybe even recommission PITAC) before
it's too late. They don't even have a clue about what might need to be
done, and they just fired the commission that was investigating that
very issue!

Thanks for the link. The PITAC report is even scarier than the article!
( )

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