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Sometimes, after booting a PC I get a popup screen, informing me
that an update is available. E.g. right now, from Adobe Flash.

I do understand how this can be done on a PC that is on-line but
the strange fact is, that I receive this message on a laptop that
is not (currently) connected to anything. Also I don't see such
messages on PCs that never have or had any internet connection.
(The screen also indicates the number of the new version, which
rules out that it could be  a time-triggered update notice.)

Can someone please explain how these screens get triggered ?
Are '3rd party update notices' included / hidden in other updates
like MS or antivirus products?

And preferrably also how I can prevent this, as I tend to switch
off any 'calling home' features ?

Kind regards,
Gerard Bok

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