Uninstalled anti-trojan s/w still preventing access for basic operations?

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On my XP Pro system I sign on with Administrator privileges.  
Others users have User privilieges.

For some reason the other Users (even new User accounts) can not
do simple  operations like delete icons from their desktop or drag
files from their data folder to the desktop.

Could this be due to ANTIHOOK?  I installed ANTIHOOK to go with
FILSECLAB but had to remove ANTIHOOK because my PC (Athlon 2000+)
went too slowly.  Maybe it didn't uninstall properly?

If it is not due to ANTIHOOk then does anyone have any ideas about
what might be causing my User's access problem?  I did installa
trial version of TROJANHUNTER but it never seemed to work properly
so I took that out too.

My problem seems to be some sort of denial.  And I would tend to
associate that with some security software.

Strangely, even newly-created User or Admin accounts have the same

Help please!

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