Trend Micro Anti-Spam vs Spambayes

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Win XP Pro and Outlook XP

Because of an odd problem with a clipboard utility, I thought there was
a conflict with Trend Micro Anti-Spam.  I uninstalled it and it
uninstalled so incompletely that I had to use jv16 to clean it out of
the registry and then go into Outlook to find the add-on and delete it
by hand.

I have now installed Spambayes and therefore, am able to compare the

There is NO comparison - Spambayes wins by a lot IMHO.  

Trend Micro slows down Outlook very badly, sometimes hangs and even when
it's working properly, it is very very slow and really requires patience
before it finishes its work and exits from Outlook.  Trend Micro does
have a separate method for reporting phishing.  And, as noted above,
uninstalling doesn't work very well at all.

Spambayes integrates with Outlook completely and only slows it down a
tiny bit.  Furthermore, you can start to read your emails and Spambayes
will continue its work in the background.  It doesn't hang Outlook, and
exits as soon as you exit Outlook.

Spambayes does need to be trained but it learns very quickly.  I chose
to just train it "as you go" and I'm using 5 different user accounts in
Outlook.  Training is quick and efficient.  There is no special means by
which to report phishing, but is the only sort of "flaw" I can find in
this excellent spam filter.  And, it's free.


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