Treatise on Script-Based User Software Profiling

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I've written a good-sized paper on the technique being used by to block Firefox users running Adblock Plus - and also,
how to very easily get around it.

Included is an open letter, which details why what that site is doing -
IMO - is a bad idea, from both a privacy *and* a security point-of-view.

I welcome people to look for themselves:

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Fenny Fox

Re: Treatise on Script-Based User Software Profiling

Fenny Fox wrote:
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The funny thing is that he supposedly unblocked FF, but when I go there
it tells me I have AdBlock installed, which I don't.

I block flash (FlashBlock - works a lot like NoScript) and any ad server
that serves up annoying ads using FF's built-in image blocker, but
that's pretty much it.

This guy reminds me of the RIAA - the claimed intentions are good
(protecting copyright), but the methods and scale of the measures is
excessive, and don't protect against the people he's aiming at.

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