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Re: Tracing peer to peer user.

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Remember his IP address is dynamic and it will change everytime he dials
in. Going the legal route would require you to log the time/date and the
IP address associated with the distribution of your software, so you can
compare to his ISP's logs. I would guess most ISP's won't give this
information up to anyone short of a government agent / police official.
I'd do it this way if I ever wanted a chance at legal action.

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Re: Tracing peer to peer user.

Hi Hap,

Hmm, yes I see that the IP is likely to change from login to login. It
shouldn't be a big deal to ID that and log it for each time it comes up. I'm
not very interested in taking or offering anyone legal action just now. I'm
pretty sure the infringer is going to be nice if I just e-mail him directly
and respectfully ask him not to distribute my stuff.

I think the logging idea is particularly pertinent. Before I go sniffing
about, I imagine I will want to have a fairly convincing case to justify my
interest. It may just go horribly wrong, in which case I will need something
to prop myself up with. Not too sure if I should be logging anything I might
see that I ordinarily shouldn't have access to, though. Probably not. I'll
have to bounce that one off a few of the noggins at school.

Gee, I can remember when you could just login to someone's server as guest,
and take a peek at the HTTP logs for yourself. Can't see that happening
without a warrant these day's. I'm personally glad about that one.

Thanks for the input.

Murray R. Van Luyn.

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