Technical Question on wireless security

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I have read about wireless networking security and set up a few wireless
networks, but eventually will need to set up a *secure* network.  WPA2,
with AES-CBC, EAP-TLS with strong certificates, a RADIUS server, in a
secure configuration.

My question is, in many client (supplicator-like) programs, I see 3
types of encryption I would consider (WEP not being one of them ;-)  One
is WPA2, one is 802.11X, and one is CCKM.

It maybe my lack of understanding on terminology, but from what I
understand, the authentication portion is done with mechanisms like
EAP-TTLS, EAP-TLS, LEAP (not secure), PEAP and so forth, of which
EAP-TLS is the strongest, using .x509 certs on each side.

WPA2 uses the AES algorithm, WPA uses TKIP, but isn't 802.11X an
authentication type that uses a radius server on the "back end", not
something that describes/implements encryption.  And what is CCKM?  I'm
assuming of the three WPA2 is the most secure, and I'm looking for the
most secure setup, using open source software (free radius, hostap,

Googling this kind of information has not led to clear answers.  Has
anyone set up a network like this before,


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