Strong passwords defeated by weak Web sites?

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What good is it to go weird making up and remembering weird multi
character passwords when the dang Web sites allow themselves to be
hacked left and right and give away my password plus other info?

How many times have you seen someone begging in the groups for a way
to retrieve access to their comps and the info on them because they
used those complicated passwords and forgot or lost them?  

Another question I have is why in the $#@&^%&  do not Web sites
encrypt what is on their servers?  Again and again I read about credit
card numbers, SS numbers, etc., stolen because they were just sitting
on these servers bare butt naked waiting to be taken?  This especially
applies to the idiots we have who are responsible for government
servers.   If I, a non-tech know-nothing, knows enuf to encrypt
important stuff on my machine, what in the hell is the matter with
this tech gurus who run these commercial and government computer

I don't get it.

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