Strange mouse cursor movements

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Last few days my mouse cursor has been spontaneously "jumping" to different
corners of the screen.  It happens several times a day at random, but
usually right when I move the mouse after not touching it for a brief period
of time.  Since this problem has only been occurring for about a week, I am
wondering if somehow I picked up a trojan or other malicious software.

The last time it occurred, I ran a "netstat -a" command from the command
prompt.  This was the result:

Proto  Local Address          Foreign Address        State
TCP    wak-2802:ftp           wak-2802:0             LISTENING
TCP    wak-2802:smtp          wak-2802:0             LISTENING
TCP    wak-2802:81            wak-2802:0             LISTENING
TCP    wak-2802:epmap         wak-2802:0             LISTENING
TCP    wak-2802:https         wak-2802:0             LISTENING
TCP    wak-2802:microsoft-ds  wak-2802:0             LISTENING
TCP    wak-2802:1025          wak-2802:0             LISTENING
TCP    wak-2802:1029          wak-2802:0             LISTENING
TCP    wak-2802:1036          wak-2802:0             LISTENING
TCP    wak-2802:5180          wak-2802:0             LISTENING
TCP    wak-2802:netbios-ssn   wak-2802:0             LISTENING
TCP    wak-2802:1705      ESTABLISHED
TCP    wak-2802:1706      ESTABLISHED
TCP    wak-2802:1707      ESTABLISHED
TCP    wak-2802:1708      ESTABLISHED
TCP    wak-2802:1719  ESTABLISHED
UDP    wak-2802:microsoft-ds  *:*
UDP    wak-2802:isakmp        *:*
UDP    wak-2802:1028          *:*
UDP    wak-2802:1077          *:*
UDP    wak-2802:1631          *:*
UDP    wak-2802:3456          *:*
UDP    wak-2802:4500          *:*
UDP    wak-2802:ntp           *:*
UDP    wak-2802:1657          *:*
UDP    wak-2802:1900          *:*
UDP    wak-2802:ntp           *:*
UDP    wak-2802:netbios-ns    *:*
UDP    wak-2802:netbios-dgm   *:*
UDP    wak-2802:1900          *:*

I would appreciate if anyone could tell me if something stands out as a
vulnerability.  Thanks.

Winston Kotzan

Re: Strange mouse cursor movements

I would try another mouse, in case the mouse is defective. I have seen a bad
mouse cable do what you are describing.

With wireless mice, I have seen them do random operations as well. They can
get interference from wireless networks, cell phones, and cordless phones.



Jerry G.

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Re: Strange mouse cursor movements

I am using a relatively inexpensive laser mouse.  It's been in use for well
over a year, so maybe that's the problem.  Thanks.

Winston Kotzan /

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