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I have a computer on which the only sensitive information is my stored
password in a dial-up connection I made.

Is there any way short of wiping all unused disk space (or worse,
wiping the entire drive) to securely delete the password?

(It doesn't look to me as if there is a way to use Eraser(R) just for

Thanks for any info.

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Re: Stored Dial-Up Password

Inquirer wrote:

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Eh, why not? Even though SDelete from Sysinternals is a better tool for

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Re: Stored Dial-Up Password

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Better idea, just change the password and specify that you
don't want to save it.

Jim Watt 

Re: Stored Dial-Up Password


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Thanks but I'd prefer not to have the username easily recoverable

If someone can tell me exactly how to delete just this dial-up
connection with Eraser, I'd appreciate it.

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