Stopping the server from logging the referrer

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I have a website and I want to add a link to another web but I do not wish  
the webmaster of the other web to know that the visitors came from my  
site... Is there any way of fooling the server logs from finding out where  
the visitors come from?

I thought a service that shortens the URL like would do  
the job but I have been told in another newsgroup that is not the case and  
there is no way of stopping the server from logging where the visitors  
came from, I would like to make sure that is the case, it seems very  
strange to me that I can't stop that.

Re: Stopping the server from logging the referrer

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I just recall seeing something like that perhaps it was short url then

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Well what about this one:

SO if in my website I have a link to the CNN, visitor clicks on  = that takes him/her to Rapdileecher =

website then visitor clicks on "GO" then CNN server only sees visitor ca=
me  =

 from rapidleecher, they are better than a short URL because they dont t=
ake  =

you directly to the website shortened they take you to their own site an=
d  =

 from there to CNN.

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