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Hi All,

I am considering going for my SSCP cert., and quickly realized that
resources / books / study guides are very limited, compared to CISSP
prep resources, and none of the customer reviews (on Amazon) for SSCP
books are nearly as glowing as they are for Shon Harris' book ( the
CISSP Certification All-in-One Exam Guide) and others. My question is,
should I get a few CISSP books (since there are so many great
resources), still planning to take the SSCP, or is it just so much
overkill, that it's not worth it ? FYI, I am a lower level
administrator, mostly involved with basic identity management and have
roughly 8 years experience.

Thanks for taking the time to answer,



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     I've had my CISSP since 1999 and just recently recerted for the
third time. The CISSP has changed over the years. I've been in the
security business for over 20 years.

SSCP - I went to the trouble of obtaining this cert shortly after it was
offered. The CISSP had already been out for years. ISC2 lost my
information on my SSCP and I was never reminded to pay my annual fee or
update my CPEs (recertification requirements). I used SSCP on my
signature for years, but have recently taken it off due to the loss and
having asked ISC2 one last time about my status. I don't have anything
nice to say about this cert. Few jobs require or desire it and you can
see this by searching for jobs with 'SSCP' to see how many hits there
are today. However, you can reduce a single year of the CISSP experience
requirement if you have a SSCP and the SSCP requirements are easier to

CISSP - The best thing I can say about this cert is that it makes it
easy to search for jobs and it gets you in the door. There are minimum
requirements you need to know about. You need to have a sponsor (someone
to recommend you) and you need a certain number of years of working in a
security role. Two things about the experience requirements: 1) A
certain amount of any college credit can reduce the number of years you
need. 2) Some of security roles can even include things like firewall
administration and user administration. For current specific
requirements, reference: (READ ALL OF THE
REQUIREMENTS as you will be required to document them at submission
time.) The test usually takes people 3 - 6 hours and last time I heard
it now costs over $500.

Good luck,
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You may wish to drift over to which has, inter alia, many
books on CISSP.  Unfortunately, some of the older download links have
expired (including the Shon Harris' one) but you stll may find it useful
to browse.

Another good online source for ebooks is

You might also look for a torrent - or are
good starting points.

Happy hunting!


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