Spinrite 6

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As most of my windows systems are now NTFS which spinrite 5 does not
want to know about, it was time to buy an updated version and looking
at the GRC website there was indeed one, released about a week before
it was desperately needed.

After using it I chucked the disk in a corner where it was retrieved
yesterday to solve a problem with a FAT32 disk making horrible
clunking noises indicative of a fatal seek error.

It fixed it and saved mine and the clients bacon, or more correctly
hard disk and contents.

There are those who say that Mr Gibson is an opinionated self
publicist.  There again in his day people hated Beethoven and
many artists died of poverty.

I have no connection with the company apart from buying the
above product.  Highly reccomended.
Jim Watt          

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