Soon 2bx husband snooping in email

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I have been communicating with a woman who is in the process of
getting a divorce. She is a schoolteacher in a small town population a
little over 1000. Unfortunately her husband will be living their some
time till. He objects highly to our communication and snoops in her
computer. He may have installed a key logger. He forges mail from me
to her telling her I'm dumping her, to me telling me I'm dumped. He
uninstalled skype and deletes her new email accounts shortly after she
makes a new one. He is real mad now and is severely restricting her
access to her own computer. Her alternatives are the computer at the
school and the local public library. To solve the problem of
communication to her I have on my www site a discreet link to a
password protected word document. She can read this from any computer
that can read a password protected word document. Even if her husband
learned the password he could only read it. He could not modify it or
delete it.
To solve the temporary problem of her communicating to me I have been
considering adding a guest book to one of my web pages. It would need
to be one where anyone could leave a message without requiring a log
in or an e-mail address or password. Then she could also use her
computer at home - when her loving husband permitted it. It would need
to be a guest book that did not restrict the number of messages she
wrote in a given time period. Messages from her would be deleted as
soon as I read them so even if he learned of it he would probably miss
out on the most.
Can anyone recommend a free guest book that I could use?
Is their another approach that we could use?
She is not a computer expert so hunting after and removing key
loggers, spy ware etc he installs is not an option. Intervention by
the police, lawyers etc are also not options she is interested in.
Is their any way I could make an email account where she (he) could
not change the password?
It is important that it is simple for her, dose not require installing
software on the school or public library computer. It is also
preferable that it not leave all to many traces on these computers.

Re: Soon 2bx husband snooping in email

Fk skrev:
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If she can still boot the computer from CD, it should be possible to
make a live CD and store the personal info on a USB key. Setting this up
requires some skill, but it can probably be made to be as easy to use as
what she has now. The beauty of it is that its use most likely cannot be
detected on the computer.

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Why not get an gmail account.  This comes with pop3 access.

Then install Thunderbird portable on a USB drive and keep it with her.

Plug in the USB drive to read / send email and remove it when
finished.  All traces are left on the usb drive.

Theres even portable MSN software that works in the same way.


Re: Soon 2bx husband snooping in email

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Then that rules out using the computer in a normal manner
Install win98, minimal xp, or one of the snaller linux distro's on a 1 or 2
gig usb drive and boot from that.
just like a hard drive, but you keep everything. Real hard drive is totaly
Or, purchase a usb  hard drive and do the same thing, but usb hard drive is
more difficult to keep hidden
Get a knoppix live cd and boot from that, can't save anything though.

He forges mail from me
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 never send personal e-mail from work

To solve the problem of
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Just get a yahoo mail account, use netscape, and select 'clear all traces on
exit'. But if there is a keylogger, this will not help.

Use a yahoo account from the library - easy.
Don't bother with any unnecessary complications

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Re: Soon 2bx husband snooping in email

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I'm going to propose that you not look so much toward a detailed
technical solution in this situation.

Keyloggers might be fairly difficult to detect and defeat.  If, as you
say, the computer belongs to him, you don't really know what you're
are dealing with.  Since he knows you already, probably knows your
phone & address too, and most of all he knows that your are the one
who is trying to take his wife away from him, why would you want to
take risks with a potentially violent person?

The risks you take also put your ladyfriend at risk for serious injury
or worse.   And if the guy is so bad, just why is she still living
with him?

My advice is if you still intend to pursue a married woman, don't try
to contact them through their husband's computer or Internet account.

If she, in turn, wants to pursue this, tell her to get a secure laptop
and make sure all her e-mails and instant messages are encrypted and
secure-password-protected, along with yours.  Don't use this other
man's Internet account or Wi-Fi system.


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