Sony BMG faces digital-rights siege

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"The criticism of music giant Sony BMG Music Entertainment and its
surreptitious copy protection software went up an octave this week as
attorneys and law firms readied nearly a half dozen legal complaints
against the company on behalf of consumers."
 "To make installing this program akin to a strip search when you are
checking out of the county jail--it shows there is a deep rift between
these media giants and their consumers. "

 Ethan Preston, Of Counsel, Cirignani Heller Harman & Lynch
"Ten days after two security researchers took Sony BMG to task for its
invasive copy protection, labeling the software a "rootkit," a
digital-rights organization and four law firms are preparing cases against
the music giant. Moreover, the company's assertion that its software did
not harm users' security was weakened on Thursday when a Trojan horse
attempted to take advantage of the code to hide itself on freshly
compromised Windows systems that had Sony BMG's technology installed"


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