Software copy protection

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EXECryptor Software Copy Protection and License Management System is
updated to version 2.3.7


=B7 Now all license type can use trial restrictions function. To set a
trial period you can use current date or the application release date.
Binding to application release date allows to generate the serial
numbers valid for all software releases untill fixed date. To use this
feature switch in licenses editor and set llicenses checking needed
options in "Expire" menu.
=B7 added full Unicode support for serial numbers. Using Unicode
registration names they are transformed in UTF-8 representation and
then are treated by relevant same-name ANSI functions. As the
representation of string that contains only latin characters and digits
in UTF-8 is the same as ANSI representation we have the backward
compatibility. new API function: VerifySerialNumberW
=B7 added new API: DecodeSerialNumber. This function is analogic to
VerifySerialNumberEx, but it doesn't influence on IsRegistered,
RegConst_* result nor on CRYPT_REG/CRYPT_UNREG blocks execution. This
means the verification result is saved nowhere. You can use it for
additional serial numbers verification or when you need to verify a
serial number without any further program behaviour change.
=B7 added vrStolen in TVerifyResult for stolen key detection and custom
=B7 eckeygen.dll updated for unicode support. changed interface of
=B7 added new feature: Advanced code protection. see help for more
=B7 improved: new API function GetReleaseDate, GetEXECryptorVersion,
=B7 improved: Unicode version of SecureRead/Write, Encrypt/DecryptStr
=B7 improved: antidebug and multithreading

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