Should I dump Norton 2002 ?

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I'm running Norton AV 2002 and have subscribed to updates.  I update
every night via their security response webpage.  And every few weeks, I
run Live Update.

However, I'm becoming concerned that since Symantec doesn't support 2002
anymore, the virus engine itself is probably out of date.

Is this something to be concerned about?

If so, I know that I would now go to AVG - but I also know it will take
a lot of effort to really get Norton AV off my system and this will be
complicated by the fact that I use Ghost and WinFax Pro - so I can't
just remove everything Symantec.



Re: Should I dump Norton 2002 ?

Hi Louise - Well, if you decide to try and uninstall Norton AV the following
may be of help:

Norton NIS or Firewall Uninstall - do everything but the reinstall stuff.

Take a look here for the AV removal tool:
(Click on the little + signs to read the detailed instructions)  For manual
removal, it may also depend on your OS.  See at the end of this document for
appropriate links.

You may want to try their removal tool in compatibilty mode before trying
the manual uninstall, above.  See here: =


Regards, Jim Byrd, MS-MVP
My, Blog Defending Your Machine, here: /

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Re: Should I dump Norton 2002 ?

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Tough call, Louise. In a way, appending a year to software products is
partly a marketing gimmick to make you upgrade every year fearing
you're missing something critical. But it is also very true that
software and particularly virus technology evolves rapidly.

Rule of thumb is don't change a solution that's working. But with an
anti-virus the rule is to always keep updated!

I'm not helping you, I know... But maybe this piece of experience will
assist you.

I once used Norton 2003 and was completely satisfied (never got a
virus). The excessive bloat and grip it had on my system concerned me
but I didn't feel confident I could remove it without hosing my system
(I had like 150 applications installed and meticulously tweaked). I
uninstalled *carefully* following Symantec's procedures and (luckily?)
everything went flawlessly. I never looked back. And am I glad I am
free from Norton's slavery! Because that's what I was, a slave.

Never have the words "make a backup before proceeding" meant so much.

Re: Should I dump Norton 2002 ?

Louise wrote:
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In theory, yes. In practice, it would depend just how susceptible you
are to the unintentional execution of malware.

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You can get a tool from Symantec's web site that will sufficiently
remove significant traces of NAV 2002.

Re: Should I dump Norton 2002 ?

If you decide to dump norton, you can get Avast! Anti-Virus free, a top
rated anti-virus.  Free for life.  Be sure to erase norton completly first.
Full removal instructions should be on the norton site.

You can download avast free at:

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