Securutiy query - please help

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I wonder if you can help me. I have a modem/router which has 3 PC's
connected to it, but they are rarely used at the same time.

My ISP has given me static IP addresses.
I can give each PC a set IP address so they always use the same IP address,
or I can set it to obtain IP address automatically which would mean they
could have a different IP address each time I turn the PC on.

What I was wondering was, is one of the above systems better or more secure
than the other?
Is there any reason why I should use the static IP addresses over dynamic
addresses or vice versa?

I hope you can help me.

I appreciate any help or information given.



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Re: Securutiy query - please help

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Use NAT and allow trafic only on chosen ports.


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Re: Securutiy query - please help

I don't think it would make a difference as both are on the LAN side and not
seen from the wan side
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Re: Securutiy query - please help

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It mostly doesn't matter whether the PCs on the LAN side of the router have
fixed or variable IPs.

Unless, of course, you run servers, etc.

With that said, my preference (or personal quirk?) is to let the router's
DHCP assign fixed IPs to the LAN machines (makes it possible to forward
packets to a specific machine behind the router, etc.).  My router is and my machines are, 101, 102, etc.


PS  I do run servers on some of them.

Re: Securutiy query - please help

Neil Hindry wrote:
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You confuse me. Has your ISP given you an address for each computer?
Would this mean you have 3 accounts with your ISP?

Are your PC's networked? You say they are rarely used at the same time.
I just would never have concerned myself with my IP address if I had no

To the best of my understanding, a static IP on an idividual PC is more
work, but no more secure because your security is in your fire wall, not
your address.

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Re: Securutiy query - please help

Hi there Neil

Your isp has give you 1 static ip address yes? .......

Your router will contain that information about that address

Your router can be classed as a gateway seperating your inside pcs to the
outside network.

Your router has a function called DHCP,  this function will allow all inside
network to get an address from.  If you look in your router check for
something for DHCP.

In the inside of the network you can eitha set a static or dynamic address
to allow your computers to communicate with the outside world and using the
router as a gateway.

To be honest in my opinion with you only having 3 computers its best to have
a static internal address as there wont be a need for a dynamic address as
your network is not that big.

There is no security loss or gain having static or dynamic addresses in the
inside of the gateway as your gateway router will have a firewall built into
it to stop outside networks gettin into the inside network.

If you need help on settings these 3 workstations up in the inside of the
network please get back intouch and someone or myself will gladly be able to
help you.

Hope this has helped you in your quest.

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