Security Suite to use with Firefox (previously posted in a less approriate NG)

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Hello, I am a newbie here.

I was just about to replace Norton with PC-cillin when I found out it is
apparently not Firefox compatible.

Any ideas on other security suites that work well with Firefox - or not?

Zone Alarm seems to get a good press except for wireless.

I am a home user with:
a broadband connection
XP with SP2
Microsoft (ex Giant) AntiSpyware, Ad Aware & Spybot

I use Firefox except for pages that won't work with it
I use Outlook Express because it can automatically fetch my Hotmail mail.
I have a Belkin F5D7630 ADSL modem/wireless router  wired to my desktop and
wireless to a laptop that has an old Belkin card that only supports WEP.
Don't chat, use messaging or play games.
Occasionally do a bit of file sharing.
Not worried about parental controls.

I don't really want to mess about with components from different companies
if possible
Automatic updates or reminders would be good
Don't mind paying a bit but would rather not have to pay for separate
licences for the desktop and laptop.

...and my wife uses the laptop. I will set up the security but she doesn't
want too many difficult permission requests to deal with week in, week out.

Any ideas gratefully received
Please reply to group.
Many thanks

Re: Security Suite to use with Firefox (previously posted in a less approriate NG)

"The invisible man" <nospam> wrote in message
Quoted text here. Click to load it


Quoted text here. Click to load it

Specifically on that part, may I plug my own site? /

Goes through the basics of configuring OE properly, rather than replacing


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