security question... win xp LAN hole?

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Hi everybody,
Here is my question:
I have my personal PC in my office, for my privacy i installed safeguard
easy 4.20 ( encrypting the entire hard disk and with a logon
screen that prompt for the user/password before OS boot (win xp pro).
The PC run in a LAN without domain, just a workgroup, windows firewall is
enabled (i know it's not a good firewall) all MS fixes and patches are
installed over the OS.
So, there is no way to copy the hard disk if i physically mount it over
another pc ('cause of the encryption).
One person in my office sustain that he copied all my hard disk without
telling me how he did that, so my doubt is that maybe he copied my data by
the LAN.
The PC is always on, locked with windows user and password prompt (press
ctrl+alt+del to begin), the password is knew just by me, nobody know it, the
users are Administrator and another user with administrator right (same
password for both), guest user disabled. By a batch file in the startup
program group i disable the administrative shares (c$, d$ etc etc), there is
just a local folder shared over the lan that prompt for user and password
every time i try to open it.
So, how can he did that? he's not an hacker, i'm more expert that him, for
now i just think that he's lying to me, but some doubts is still in my
thanx in advance for the replies, sorry for my english but i'm italian ;)

Re: security question... win xp LAN hole?

Luke skrev:
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Looks like it could be done over the network.
The article is about an earlier version, so the problems may be fixed...

Re: security question... win xp LAN hole?

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Done over the LAN? how? omit safeguard easy.. there's a way to copy hard
disk over the lan?

Re: security question... win xp LAN hole?

You guys all have so much more tech savy than I do, I am not eager to
disclose my iignorance; but I have the same worries about doing any
personal business at office over the LAN.  So my own simple-minded
solution is to keep a little laptop locked up at office that is cold
boot password protected.  If I have to tend to any personal matters
during the course of the day, I plug a PCMCIA wireless card (carried in
my pocket along with a flashcard that I can use to take personal data
home with me for backup to home machine) and I connect to my Wireless
Internet Provider.  This is not a "firewall"; it is a "coldwall".  Eg,
work on office machine, and tending to personal matters arising, are on
different machines entirely.  I am sure this solution has flaws that
group will quickly point out; but so far it has worked OK for me.  Hope
this amateurish solution is helpful to others.  Good luck and Happy
Holidays to all, from 'dave'

Luke wrote:
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