Security of Power Archiver Encrypted PAE file?

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I know there are programs which easily break encoded zip files.  But
Power Archiver, ver. 8, uses AES.  I'm wondering how securely is their
method of using AES?

I don't want top security from it, but I don't want it so easily
broken with some decrypting program out there somewhere.  Using PGP
for straight encryption without signing expands a 2k file to over
100k.  That's why I'm looking for an alternative for files and emails
which I want to keep private but do not contain terribly important


Re: Security of Power Archiver Encrypted PAE file?

On Sat, 15 May 2010 07:47:44 -0700, "The Real Truth MVP"

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Because I don't think it important enough to pay for an upgrade.
However, you got me curious and I checked the site.  Upgrades are

Now, my main question still remains: Has anyone heard of one those
cracking programs that can extract passwords from an encrypted PAE
file made with Power Archiver?

Re: Security of Power Archiver Encrypted PAE file?

On Sat, 15 May 2010 13:44:33 -0700, "The Real Truth MVP"
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    We believe that these results may shed a new light on the design
of the key-schedules of block ciphers, but they pose no immediate
threat for the real world applications that use AES.

Agreed. While this attack is better than brute force -- and some
cryptographers will describe the algorithm as "broken" because of it
-- it is still far, far beyond our capabilities of computation. The
attack is, and probably forever will be, theoretical. But remember:
attacks always get better, they never get worse. Others will continue
to improve on these numbers. While there's no reason to panic, no
reason to stop using AES, no reason to insist that NIST choose another
encryption standard, this will certainly be a problem for some of the
AES-based SHA-3 candidate hash functions.

This means nothing in the real world, so far.  The vulnerability of
zip programs is another matter altogether.  Apples and oranges.

But I did find one problem.  Not ever having used Power Archiver for
anything but extraction, I never bothered with the Help section.  In
there I find that the PAE files it constructs are not compressed, but
merely encoded.  So, that takes care of that.  You have to install a
separate SFX program if you want to create a self extracting
compressed file.

"Because PowerArchiver does not compress data in PAE files, we
recommend using PAE together with an archive format of your choice for
best results."

It seems for larger files I'll  have to use a zip program and then
encrypt the compressed file.  Smaller files I'll merely encrypt.
I'll have to experiment with which encryption/SFX  freebie gives me
the smallest file.  As I said, I need this mostly for email.  

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