SecureIX - Has anyone used this?

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Has anyone heard anything about or used SecureIX (

I am looking for a VPN solution for when I am on public wireless networks
with my PDA and obviously want ALL my network traffic to be encrypted.

I was considering a adding a piece of kit to my home LAN and VPN'ing into it
from my PDA and routing all my traffic via that, but I don't know if any of
the VPN kit available in the home user price range will route ALL web
traffic or not.

Someone suggested the SecureIX service, but I have never heard of them, so
obviously at the moment, the prospect of sending passwords etc. over their
system is just as insecure as using a public network.

Also, if anyone can recommend any similar services and/or hardware I can use
to do this myself at home then please do.

I guess to route all traffic SecureIX would need to allow me to use a proxy
there, or can HTTP/S traffic be routed via VPN without Proxy?


Re: SecureIX - Has anyone used this?

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Rather than buy hardware I recommend OpenVPN: /

I use it to VPN tunnel from clients' offices through their firewalls, etc.
to my home machine.  I occasionally use UltraVNC through the tunnel (no
extra encryption - I rely on the tunnel encryption) to run the home machine
(for surfing, etc.), but you can also just set up a forwarding proxy on the
home machine and run the browser, etc. from the far end at work, etc. if
you want snappier performance, etc.

OpenVPN took a Saturday afternoon for me to figure out how to set it up and
fine-tune it (I'm not as quick at these things as in my youth) but now it
works absolutely beautifully!  I'm convinced it's far superior (in terms of
compatability mostly, with equally good performance) to most hardware
ipsec/pptp/l2tp solutions.


PS  It's so handy having my home network as just another part of the work
network (drag and drop files, etc.).  And it's all invisible to the
sysadmins here (except for the existence of the tunnel itself, of course).

Re: SecureIX - Has anyone used this?

Thanks, but as I am away from home for a while I didn't want to leave
PC/Server's on.

All that will be on (if I go down this route) is my Router and any VPN kit I
buy.  I'm not even sure if I can do what I want this way yet.

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Re: SecureIX - Has anyone used this?

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I've been using for my vpn, great service, but it's not
free.  The one you mention is new and maybe very good, but I haven't had any
experience with them.  They don't charge now, it's free while they're in


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