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I'm looking for software solution, that would keep passwords and other
confidental data (i.e. pin numbers) in one, secure database.
This application should meet following requirements:
- very strong encryption of stored informations
- multi-user access
- user should have access only to data specified by admin
- strong authentication - access to this application should be protected
by  i.e. usb pen drive with certificate, or RSA SecurID.
- there shouldn't be feature like 'export' data - secured data should be
  view only, without possibility of copy it to the text file or clipboard.

I'm not interested in Singe-SignOn solutions.

I found one solution - Access Manager ( but
access to this application is protected by 'master password' - this is
poor solution, and it is not acceptable.
Any ideas?

Re: secure password storage manager

There are ways of securing mysql, so that even the database admins
cannot see the whole data base, and using OpenSSL to secure the data
on the disk.

But AFAIK, preventing the "exporting" of data from something like
the ctrl-c copy command or a screen-shot utility is difficult at
best (and if you're really paranoid, think about the fact that they
can always use a camera to take a picture of the screen...)

Good luck,

Tomasz wrote:
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Re: secure password storage manager

Why not a perl script? Take client names or SHA-2 of client names and
use as keys into a   DBM file with some postfixes:
:data for protected data
:readers for a list of allowed readers
:writers for list of allowed writers

Then use some authentication and a server, and problem solved until you
need to read the code ;-)

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