RSA vs. DSA/El Gama (not what you may think!!!)

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Hi all!

This is a somewhat general question about encryption but I would
like your input.  I have heard "bit-for-bit" DSA/El Gamal is
probably stronger than RSA, but fundamentally neither the
discrete-log problem nor factoring problem have been solved in
"polynomial" time, so this question does not center along those lines.

Will my messages be more secure if I use an RSA key rather than DSA
key - IN LIGHT OF THE FACT - that SHA-1 is considered "broken"
(based on current research another image with the same hash can be
found in 2^63 operations probably with either a massive internet
search or NSA)? RSA allows use of SHA-2 hashes while DSA/El Gamal
allows only SHA-1 (80 bits), so if I use DSA with SHA-1, can the
SHA-1 hash be broken and will that break the encryption, allowing
the attacker to read the message? Or is all of this non-sense and
DSA with SHA-1 is safe for now?


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