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Re: rootkit & re image from partition

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Actually, from Sebastian's answers to both you and me, I get the impression
that he is technically knowledgable.  

However, I also get the distinct impression that he cannot see beyond the
merely and narrowly technological. He also tends to let his ego get in the
way (but, since I have the same fault, I can forgive that :-) and, as a
result, the posts degenetrate into a pigheaded pissing contest of, "Then
I'd do this" and "Yeah, well, I'd counter with that."

However, Sebastian's most annoying fault is that, while he may have a point
with some validity, he so grossly overstates his case that he undermines
any credibility he might have had.

If he backed off a notch or two I think he could add something to the


PS  For instance, in principle, a sufficiently complicated rootkit, since
it is just an unauthorized change to, or extension of, the OS, could do
anything an OS could - even exotic stuff like subtly changing image backups
or rewriting eeprom.  However, the fact is, at their present state of
development, even the most sophisticated current rootkits are still fairly
small and primitive, and their capabilites don't come close to this.

Re: rootkit & re image from partition

We all make mistakes. We learn from them.

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