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       Attorney Stephen R. Pappas, State Bar No.:158560,  550 South
California Avenue, Suite 320, Palo Alto,  California 94306-1441;
Facsimile: (650) 858-8508; Email: has been found
guilty by the California State Bar Mandatory Fee Arbitration Program
of overcharging his client by approximately $2,000.00  Attorney
Pappas' overcharges consisted of unnecessary appearances in court,
because of his  unfamiliarity with court procedures, and submitting a
duplicate $700.00 charge for document copying.

       A review of the pleadings and the court file, by  this
researcher, discloses an incompetent attorney with  certain emotional
problems that make him unsuitable for the  practice of any form of
law where negotiation or  confrontation might result, or where he is
not closely  supervised.

       Since he is a solo practitioner without the  pecuniary and
legal supervision found in a medium to large  law firm, and since he
has established and has been found  guilty by the California State
Bar of a repeated history of  unethical, outrageous, and
unconscionable over-charges and a  history of false charges, it is
recommended that he not be  hired or retained under any circumstances.

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