Reporting Websites with warez/spam

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I use to report Spam, to report phishing  
I believe I can report websites uncorrectly registered (no name or fake  
to close them down (spammers websites) but I dont know where to report it,  
help on
this appreciated.

I have also come accross some websites that contain illegal material and  
earn money
with advertisers like Google Adsense and banners, I do not think Google  
accepts in
their program websites that contain illegal material but I have not been  
able to
find an email address to report them, I also do not know how to find out  
the company behind
the banners advertising on those websites, I would like to do so to report  
I do not think any decent company would want to see their name linked to  
that mafia.

Any help on this or any other idea to fight the Spammers and Warez  
websites appreciated.

I just happen to have some time now and will put it to good use.

I will not get involved in any child pornography report and leave it to  
the police
as the only fact of searching and visiting one of those sites it is  
already illegal
no matter the excuse. Only interested in advice to close down warez  
websites, specially
would like to know if reporting the domain name to the registrar could  
close it down.

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