Report, December 17th, 2006

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Statistical report of remailer abuse

On Sunday December 3rd, 2006

* traffic with law violating content: 57.8 %
* legitimate use: 42.2 %

On Sunday December 10th, 2006

* traffic with law violating content: 38.7 %
* legitimate use: 61.3 %

On Sunday December 17th, 2006

* traffic with law violating content: 27.3 %
* legitimate use: 72.7 %

Due to take over of two additional remailers and shut down of eelbash we are
covering now a share of total remailer traffic which yields in a probability
making it high risk to use remailers for law violating abuse.

All abusers have been / will be reported to Law Enforcement Authorities.

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