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Back in the "old days", 4 or 5 years ago
I used Zone Alarm firewall and McAfee anti virus
because that was what you did.(?)
In 2003 I switched to Norton Internet Security
and have been updating it. This up-date period Symantec
now wants permission in perpetuity to charge my
account which is a no go for me.
I'd rather have two or three "stand alone" products
for protection,and independence, rather than the
bundled products.
Any recommendations for firewall and anti-virus?

Re: Recommendations please

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Give nod32 a look for av.  

A good hardware firewall is indespensible.

Complimentary protection from a software firewall is also handy
especially for Windows users.  Zonelabs still has a pretty decent
product in that arena.

Best Regards,
Todd H. /

Re: Recommendations please

My choice for AV:

Both free

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Re: Recommendations please

avast is a nice free option I used it for awhile, might wanna disable
the sound though. "Virus database updated" gets kind of annoying after

node32 is probably the best anti-virus option for win32 if you are
willing to pay for the protection.

if you want a free lightweight firewall ghostwall is the way to go
( )

here is a list of all kinds of software firewalls for windows:
(kerio is my personal favorite)

but if you really want security and have an old computer sitting around
I would suggest running m0n0wall or somthing like that, its not hard to
find old computers for free.

Re: Recommendations please

I switched from Norton to Avast! at my last renewal. It seems to be
excellent. One of my applications ran so slowly with Norton that I had
to disable the antivirus function (and disconnect!) every time I used
it. No such problems with Avast. If you select their screensaver it
runs a (limited) system check every time the screensaver is activated.

I've left the Norton firewall installed for now, but, like you, would
be interested to hear recommendations for a free replacement.

BTW, a big thank you from a computer amateur to all you experts who
take the time to answer questions like this. Some of us out here really
appreciate it!

Re: Recommendations please

Marrick wrote:
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Where exactly is your point? Norton obviously worked as supposed.

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Nmap and Hping creating random packets creates a lot of fun. :-)

Re: Recommendations please


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YMMV but I quite like Symantecs corporate offering (SAV10)- is slim,
lightweight and pretty much does what it says on the tin.

As for firewall, sorry, this may be not cool, but XPs built in is
adequate if you've got a router/firewall.


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