Realplayer security issues?

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I haven't posted here for ages so I suppose I'd better introduce myself as a
Newbie again.

I accidentally deleted my old version of RealPlayer and yesterday, I
downloaded the free basic version.

It installed OK, plays a few more types of file and the picture quality is
much improved. Fine I thought.

But during the install, it repeatedly asked me for my postcode which I'd
already submitted, (I have it listed as confidential info with a prompt
instruction) and more disturbingly, it removed the Block Cookies rule from
IE and my Norton firewall and used a huge number of them while installing.
Fortunately it only altered the setting from 'Block All' to 'Prompt' in the
firewall and that's how I realised what it had done.

And on top of that, this morning RealPlayer contacted resulting in my again being asked for
my postcode. (That's UK for Zip Code, BTW.)

The odd thing was - I didn't have RealPlayer running at the time there's
nothing new showing as running in the background when I hit CTRL+ALT+DEL.

Any ideas before I ditch the thing and do without it? Flash and Media Player
7 have already gone that way for phoning home.

Thanks in advance,


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