Re: Wiping data from drive question

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"koRny" wrote:
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    Get stuffed.  You know as well as anyone that
    people who have the credentials and experience
    and resources to read traces of so-called "wiped"
    drives won't reveal their techniques nor identities
    to the likes of you or this newsgroup.

    Suffice it to say that articles written and available
    to the public by authors who interviewed government
    contacts say that there are magnetic domains which
    spill out between the magnetic tracks - especially if
    a read/write head or armature is mis-aligned or worn -
    so that with specialized (and very expensive and one-
    of-a-kind equipment) these "spill-overs" can be read,
    albeit very slowly and laboriously.  Sometimes these
    domains can be made visible, and thus be read, by
    a microscope, such as depicted recently in IBM's
    announcement about its new high density magnetic

    Don't start in on how this can only be done by
    technical means employed by agencies of 1st-world
    governments.  The discussion is about what *can* be
    done, not about what is *likely* to be done.  For a
    middle class individual just hiding tax returns or gay
    porn, multiple overwrites should suffice.  But don't
    go asking for references and documentation when
    you well *know* that it cannot be forthcoming by


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